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== Standard specifications and features ==
{{Computer_Infomation|title1 = M57p|image1 = M57p.jpg|developer = Lenovo|type = Desktop|release_date = September 2007}}
{{Computer_Infomation|title1 = M57p|image1 = M57p.jpg|developer = Lenovo|type = Desktop|release_date = September 2007}}
=== '''Architecture''' ===
==== '''System board / Form factor''' ====
Tower (4x5) with Intel Q35 chipset
Ultra Small Form Factor (0x2)
Supports Intel Core™ 2 Quad™ processor with up to 12MB L2 cache
Supports Intel Core™ 2 Duo™ processor with 2MB or 4MB L2 cache
Supports Intel Celeron®™ with 1MB L2 cache
Supports Intel® Pentium® dual core™ with 1MB or 2MB L2 dual core cache
Supports I/O bus speeds of 1333 MHz
==== '''Processor''' ====
==== '''Processor''' ====
Intel® Pentium® Dual core processor
* Intel Celeron 440
* Intel Pentium Dual Core E2160
Intel Celeron® processor
Intel Core™ 2 Duo processor
* Intel® Core 2 Duo Processor E6550
* Intel® Core 2 Duo Processor E6750
* Intel® Core 2 Duo Processor E6850
[[File:M57p Small-factor.jpg|thumb|220x220px|Small-factor version]]
[[File:M57p Small-factor.jpg|thumb|220x220px|Small-factor version]]
Intel Core™ 2 Quad processor
==== '''Cache''' ====
==== '''Cache''' ====
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=== '''Expansion''' ===
=== '''Expansion''' ===

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Standard specifications and features Edit

Processor Edit

  • Intel Celeron 440
  • Intel Pentium Dual Core E2160
  • Intel® Core 2 Duo Processor E6550
  • Intel® Core 2 Duo Processor E6750
  • Intel® Core 2 Duo Processor E6850
M57p Small-factor

Small-factor version

Cache Edit

12MB cache - Intel Core™ 2 Quad

4MB cache - Intel Core™ 2 Duo

1MB cache - Intel Celeron®

2MB cache - Intel® Pentium® dual core

Chipsets Edit

Q35 North Bridge - Intel 82Q35 Graphics and Memory Controller Hub (GMCH)

ICH9 South Bridge - 82801IO ICH9DO I/O Controller Hub


Winbond TPM

IDE controller

4 Serial ATA connectors

Memory Edit

533MHz / 667MHz / 800MHz DDR2 (Double Data Rate) dual channel memory support

PC2-5300 and PC2-6400 memory supported

Four 1.8V, 240-pin DDR2 SDRAM UDIMM sockets

Support for up to 8 GB of DDR2 SDRAM

ECC or parity memory is not supported

Use 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, or 2GB memory modules in any combination up to a maximum of 8.0GB

Audio Edit

ADI 1882 HD Audio CODEC

Front - Microphone-in, Headphone-in

Rear - Line-in, line-out, Microphone-in

Keyboard and mouse Edit

Preferred Pro full-size keyboard

USB Optical Wheel mouse

Communications Edit

Networking Edit

Integrated Intel Gigabit Ethernet

Integrated Intel Pro 1000T Gigabit

Intel 82566DM Ethernet controller

Expansion Edit

Bays Edit

One 3.5-inch external accessible bay (FDD)

Two 3.5-inch internal hidden bay (HDD)

Two 5.25-inch external half-high bay (optical drives)

External ports Edit

25-pin Extended Capabilities Port (ECP)/Extended Parallel Port (EPP)

9-pin serial connector

Eight USB connectors (two on front panel and six on rear panel)

Standard mouse connector

Standard keyboard connector

Ethernet connector

VGA monitor connector

Three audio connectors (line in, line out, and microphone) on rear panel

Two audio connectors (microphone and headphone) on front panel

One eSATA connector through PCI bracket (some models)

Slots Edit

Slot 1: Full height, PCI Express x16

Slot 2: Full height, PCI Express x1

Slot 3: Full height, half length PCI

Slot 4: Full height, half length PCI

Power Edit

Power management Edit

Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) support

Power supply Edit

280 Watt power supply with manual voltage selection switch

Automatic 50/60 Hz input frequency switching

Security Edit

Security chip Edit

One lock to secure both cover and entire system

Power-on password

Administration password

Hard disk password

Boot sequence control

Boot without keyboard, mouse, diskette

USB/ Ethernet/ serial/ parallel/ SATA/ EIDE/ diskette enable or disable.

Diskette write protect

Front USB port disablement

Cover intrusion switch (selected models)

Software Edit

Operating system Edit

Microsoft Windows Vista Business 32

Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic 32

Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate 32

Microsoft Windows XP Professional

Note: Preloaded software utilizes the disk-to-disk recovery method. Select models ship without the Operating system.

Storage Edit

Optical drive Edit

Slim DVD Recordable

Slim Combo Drive 24x24x24x8x

Hard drive features Edit

7200RPM Serial ATA supported

Video Edit

Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3100

15-pin VGA output on planar

Uses Intel Dynamic Video Memory Technology (DVMT)

For models without a separate video card, memory supports both system and video.

Source Edit

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